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Miriam helped me get a great insight, something that I had never realized before. For a very first coaching session with Miriam I thought it was a great accomplishment. I felt understood and really listened to. Thanks Miriam.

- Coach Louise Bosse

Miriam is a good listener. She is also authentic in her willingness to express herself as well as to genuinely give the best support possible to her client. Great work!

- Lael Johnson, Heart of Gold Coaching

Ongoing groups
Workshops and classes
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Ongoing groups

Success Teams

Success Teams are run on a simple but powerful principle: I support your dream and you support mine. We form groups of 5-6 dreamers who desire to make a difference, to find a job, a home, or a mate, to start a new health habit, to learn a new skill - the possibilities are endless - and we share encouragement, ideas, and resources. It all takes place within the context of a structured program designed by career counselor and best-selling author Barbara Sher. I am the registered Success Team leader for the North Shore area.

Confidence Caravan

A self-empowerment group for women looking to move through the world with more confidence in their own perceptions and abilities. In the magic caravan, you are the driver of your own vehicle, moving toward your own destination, yet we travel together. We practice tuning into our inner knowing and trusting it to take us on the right road. Life coach Miriam Klamkin provides thought-provoking material and confidence-building techniques. You bring your fabulous, limitless self, and as a group we share support, inspiration, and fun! Find out more about this group on

Workshops and classes

Every program listed in this section is available as a single workshop or talk or an ongoing course.
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to inquire about arranging a program for yourself or your group. Click here to learn more about currently scheduled events.

How Not To Stress

It's now well-known that stress is a leading cause of health problems, deteriorating relationships, and depression. Yet stress can be, not just reduced or "managed", but eliminated entirely from your life. If you are fed up with being overcommitted, overextended, and overwhelmed, come and discover how to reclaim your time, your energy, your focus, your life - and your sanity! Individual and group coaching programs available.

Astrology classes

Introduction to Astrology, Chart Interpretation Workshop, Personal Forecasting with Transits and Progressions, Soul Progressions, Mercury Retrograde Without Tears, Eclipses and more.

What is this thing called "energy"?

If you've ever asked yourself that question, you might want to schedule a workshop for your group or event. Topics include energy sensing and moving, grounding, shielding, and centering, and energy clearing.

Other services

Prosperity coaching

How to manage your money -- and attract more of it -- while staying in your integrity as a spiritual being.

House blessings

Moving into a new home? Or do you need your home to feel, well, more like home? No matter where you hang your hat - house, apartment, trailer, yurt, houseboat or wherever - and whether you own your place or not, a house blessing can clear out negative energy and make space for good things to happen.

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