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Winter 2024 events

Astrology Salon '24 at A Feast of Lights

January 26-28, 2024
at the Hotel Northampton, Northampton, Massachusetts

A Feast of Lights is a time to gather to rekindle our fires at the season of the Celtic festival of Imbolg or midwinter, when the cold is deepest. It is a time to find warmth in community and tap into the strength of the returning light. Come to make music, listen, learn, dance, shop, laugh, reflect, and enjoy warm company. Come to look toward the future, to think, and to make plans.

At the Astrology Salon, I provide an overview of the coming celestial events, to help you choose your path for the year ahead. Last year's brief forays of Pluto into cutting-edge Aquarius have already shaken things loose, both personally and globally. The small-but-mighty "dwarf" planet continues to tack back and forth between signs this year, leaving colossal ripples in its wake. Meanwhile, Uranus in Taurus keeps delivering shocks to our entrenched systems, while the Pisces-Neptune mist blurs our vision. What does all this look like here on Earth, and how best to respond? We'll contemplate all that and more!

A Feast of Lights is an EarthSpirit event. To learn more and register, see the information on EarthSpirit's website. You must be registered for the festival to attend the Salon.

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